re:compass #40: Do You Hear Me?

Navigator for events during 22–28 February 2021 Not that I really wanted to ask this, but… Do you hear me? Do you see my screen share? Can you please turn on your camera so that I can get assure... Read More

& re:compass #39: Apples and Oranges

Navigator for events during 15–21 February 2021 As promised, I was combing through event industry numbers during this week. Well, news are as good as bad — data is overall very similar to Bi... Read More

re:compass #38: Virtual Event Stats

Navigator for events during 08–14 February 2021 Bizzabo recently released their The 2021 Virtual Events Benchmark Report where they looked into how events industry approached virtual events in 202... Read More

re:compass #37: Small Event Season

Navigator for events during 01–07 February 2021 “Clubhouse. Is the idea to take the least valuable part of conferences and make it scale infinitely? Non-stop expert panel discussions? I was exci... Read More

️‍♂️ re:compass #36: Work or Not?

Navigator for events during 25–31 January 2021 Don’t know about you, but my January work schedule is completely out of hand. It’s a bit weird seeing my friends having holidays or celebrating s... Read More

re:compass #35: Hibernation Off

Navigator for events during 18–24 January 2021 Not going to lie, I did enjoy the peaceful period during the winter holidays. In a way, it was surprising how less emails where there to delete after... Read More

re:compass #34: May The Next Year Be With You

Happy Holidays! Woha, Christmas are around the corner. 2020 was both, a very long and a significantly short year. The main driver for digitisation whose impact will be felt long in the future. And a... Read More

re:compass #32: It’s Still Not Easy

Navigator for events during 30 November — 06 December 2020 Alright. The guide this week will be short and sweet due to the fact that we are organizing our first big online event. It will be ti... Read More

re:compass #31: Too Serendipitous

Navigator for events during 23–29 November 2020 “The random connection feature is a horrible idea,” my friend told couple days ago. We were talking about virtual event tech and possible ways i... Read More

re:compass #30: Just Click ‘EXIT’

re:compass #30: Just Click ‘EXIT’ 💢 Navigator for events during 16–22 November 2020 Internet is ruled by introverts and the cats. Well, mostly our feline overlords take the crown, but the... Read More